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    What are the precautions for screw barrel maintenance?

    Pubdate:2020-02-10 13:42:51
    What are the precautions for screw barrel maintenance?

    1. If the nozzle, screw head and flange are installed or replaced, the screw surface of the bolt shall be coated with high temperature anti-corrosion paste to facilitate future disassembly

    2. If the molten plastic is abnormal or discolored or the product is brittle, adjust the temperature to confirm whether the temperature sensing line of the heating ring works normally, and check whether the screw and the rubber head assembly are damaged

    3. Prevent POM and PVC from mixing into the barrel at the same time, which will cause serious industrial accidents under the melting temperature.

    4. When using new plastics, clean the remaining materials of the barrel. When POM, PVC, PA + GF and other materials are used, the degradation of raw materials shall be minimized, and PP materials shall be used for washing after shutdown.

    5. Avoid idling and slipping of screw.

    6. When using anti salivation, make sure that the plastic in the barrel is completely melted, so as not to damage the parts of the transmission system when the screw moves backward.

    7. Avoid foreign matters falling into the barrel to damage the screw and barrel. Prevent metal chips and sundries from falling into the hopper. If the recycled material is processed, a magnetic hopper shall be added to prevent iron chips from entering the barrel.

    8. If the machine is shut down for more than half an hour each time, it is better to close the blanking opening and shoot the material in the barrel clean, and set the heat preservation.

    9. Do not start the machine when the barrel does not reach the preset temperature. The newly opened electric heating generally requires that the screw be operated 30 minutes after the temperature reaches the set value.

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