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    How the all electric injection molding machine works

    Pubdate:2020-03-21 17:50:35
    Injection molding machine is divided into vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine and all electric injection molding machine. Due to the huge market demand for mobile phone case and data recording medium (CD, VCD, DVD and MDS), the value of all electric injection molding machine is shown. All electric injection molding machine is energy-saving, material saving, environmental protection, efficient, fine and high-speed (the injection speed is 300 mm / s, and the high-speed reaches 700 mm / s to 750 mm / s). It is suitable for making all kinds of thin-walled plastic products and pharmaceutical products.
    1、 All electric injection motor control principle
    1. Servomechanism (screw)
    Servo: the word comes from the Greek meaning of "servant". People want to regard the "servo mechanism" as a light and familiar obedience, and act according to their orders to control the appeal of signals. Before the signal is separated, the rotor does not move; after the signal is separated, the rotor immediately rolls; when the signal is dissipated, the rotor can stop running automatically. Because of its "servo" function, it is named after.
    Servo system: it is an active control system that makes the position, orientation, situation and other input controlled quantity of the object follow the output policy (or given value). The important task of servo system is to control the input torque, speed and position of the drive assembly, according to the request of the control order, to stop the amplification of power, to change and control. (injection molding machine screw)
    Principle of Lijin pt60v servo system:
    Servo electromechanics: servo electromotion, also known as executive electromotion, is used as executive component in active control system to convert received signal into angular displacement or angular rate input on the axis of electromotion. Its important feature is that when the signal voltage is zero, there is no sign of rotation, and the speed decreases with the increase of torque.
    Advantages of servomechanism: large torque, simple control and sensitive installation.
    Servomechanism planning: a servomechanism includes a DC mechanism, a set of variable speed gears, a response adjustable potentiometer, and an electronic control board. In this way, the high-speed rolling machine supplies the original energy, starts the variable-speed (acceleration) gear set, causes it to attack the high torque input, the larger the gear set's variable-speed ratio, the greater the input torque of the servo machine, that is to say, the greater the weight can be tolerated, but the rolling speed is also lower.
    Mode locking servomechanism
    Principle of servomechanism:
    Servo electromechanical system is a model closed-loop reaction system. The acceleration gear set is driven by electromechanical system. Its terminal (input) starts a linear proportional potentiometer for position detection. The potentiometer transforms the angle coordinate into a proportional voltage and responds it to the control road board. The control road board compares it with the output control pulse signal to produce correction pulse, and drives the electromechanical positive or By rolling reversely, the input position of the gear set matches the expected value, and the correction pulse tends to 0, so as to achieve the purpose of servo electromechanical positioning.
    Control of servomechanism:
    There are three control lines in the scale of servomechanism: power supply, ground wire and control. The power line and ground wire are used to supply the external mechanical and electrical equipment and control the power required by the road. If the voltage is between 4v-6v, the power supply shall be isolated from the power supply of the disposal system as far as possible (because the servo mechanical and electrical equipment will generate noise). Even the small servomechanism will pull down the voltage of the amplifier when it is under heavy load, so the power supply proportion of the whole system must be fair. Output a periodic positive pulse signal. The high level normal interval of this periodic pulse signal is between 1ms and 2ms, while the low level normal interval is between 5ms and 20ms.
    2. Servo controller: intelligent digital servo driver
    1) . output voltage: ac200v-480v
    2) . UL / CE acknowledgment
    3) . IP20 protection grade
    4) . 0-45 ℃ scale operating temperature
    5) . including discharge resistance
    6) . integrated electromechanical temperature monitoring
    7) . integrated electromechanical brake control
    8) . 2 mimetic outputs
    9) . 2 mimetic inputs
    10) . 2 signboard and signal interfaces
    11) . position cam switch control
    12) The reaction time is 62.5 μ s.
    13) . SERCOS interface approximate fieldbus interface
    Servo controller of Lijin pt60v full electric control injection molding machine
    3. LCD display touch screen: HMI user control panel
    12.1 inch large color display screen with touch control, fast and convenient. Through the use of industrial computer screen, directly adjacent to the management system of the upper computer, production management control is stopped.
    2. Principle of all electric injection molding machine
    1. High precision screw nut is used for opening mold, locking mold, thimble and other actions, with transmission accuracy of 0.01.
    2、 The linear guide rail, which changes the traditional sliding guidance into rotation guidance, improves the positioning accuracy, reduces the machine cost and greatly throttles the power, can persist in high accuracy for a long time.
    3、 The new type of force measuring sensor is used to control the back pressure correctly and achieve the tight injection without disorder.
    4、 Synchronous belt wheel and synchronous belt, simple planning, convenient installation, high transmission accuracy, low noise.
    5、 It adopts combined lubrication and positive displacement proportional distributor to ensure every point of lubrication.
    3. Introduction to Lijin pt60v all electric injection molding machine
    1.12.1 inch large color LCD display screen, touch control, fast and convenient.
    2. Use the omni-directional touch control panel to stop data and ink output, easy to identify and control.
    3. Adopt the rapid cycle forming effect of synchronous action, and improve production compliance.
    4. Excellent high-speed and high-pressure injection function and abundant forming control step, expanding into forming model

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